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Creative Works from our Members and Ent-Friends. The poems of rwhen are of special. She has written many about Fangorn and even has her own Lake there!

Also Note the One and Only Unprecedented Poet, Harvestar, has workings of her own that are very lovely. She was and still is the Winner of the One and Only "Fangorn's First Frost Poetry Fest"

A Few Ents from the Fangorn Room at GOTF

By Cathy LeonhardtBy Fanie GregoireBy Sarah Trumpp


A Lovely Ode to Fangorn


As gathering winds gloomy and

clouds become grey and storming...

There is a haven to seek comfort in

the special place of Fanghorn....


I see it in the distance, free and

wild it is calling to me and all lovers...

Catch the first train of greenery

and you are on your way..to Fanghorn...


Animals that dance so gayly and

play so happily are at the eyes corner...

Where can this magic happen, time

stands still...only in Fanghorn...


I come here when I am lonely

I come here when I am glad

I come here to be with old friends

I come here to not feel sad....

Where do I come from?

I do not know...

How did I find this place

In the space of a twinkling of an eye?

I do not know...


What is known and unknown is not

for us to ponder and fret about, just

knowing you are here..to guide, to love

to give all you have..I salute you Fanghorn...




Wandering down the Glades of Sirion,
Brought together by the
Blessings of Yavanna,
We sit upon the green banks
under a canopy of autumn leaves
to share the ending of day.
As Arien completes her Western Journey,
Shades of purple, orange and gold
Splash vibrantly across the sky
and flow silently over the land,
to dance in the ripples at our feet.

The brilliant hues deepen as the
Gifts of Elbereth begin to appear
in the velvet dusk.
We lean back among the waving grasses
on a carpet of fallen leaves,
the light breeze tossing our hair,
And Dream together among the Stars.

by Harvestar 8/13/01


Oh, I Shall Dance With Ents 

I went to see a certain place of nominations made,
and there she stood, dear EntWifeLost,
entranced by brook and shade,
I yearned to take her supple hands, and share the joy within
for all the people seconded and ones we hope will win.
I felt the music surge inside, and as I watched her sway,
it saddened me that other tasks, like hands, pulled me away.
So cherished friend of woodland realms,
if time will show us grace,
I long to show my gratitude and dance within this place.
Why do I dance? Have you not guessed?
The reason echoes clear!
Our guild and Bards and special tales
are greatly praised this year!
Look at the names! Look at the threads! What scintillating fame!
I fear my heart shall nearly burst with joy to bear the name
of Bard. A Bard! And Eru's Bard...what double joy is this!
So EntwifeLost, I wait to waltz and share my singing bliss!

Thank you, thank you, thank you
for letting me in among you!
What a great thrill it is to be part of something truly good and
noble and grand!
Bright blessings! – PRMILLER (parm) 8/24/03


Have one to submit? Use the "LEAF" to email Entwife Lost!

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